Fed Comments, Data and Earnings Push Markets Higher

Wednesday, 16th April
Wednesday finished strong with the S&P 500 +1.05%, DOW +1% and NASDAQ +1.29%.

Figures on industrial production that were released by the Federal Reserve showed that the economy grew more than anticipated in March confirming the Fed's economic summary, the Beige Book, that the economy is growing as the weather improves.

Some good results out for Yahoo! and Intel boosted the tech sector while Bank of America and CSX Corp saw selling after poorer than expected results after their earnings numbers.

Option Volume Spikes for April 16

SymbolStrikeVolumeOpen Int
XOM May 105 Calls10586236817
T May 34 Puts345746911469
SPY AprW4 185 Puts185527376607
SPY Apr 185.5 Puts185.5446886771
ARNA May 6 Calls6428881121
EGO Oct 7 Calls7373761089
SPY MayW1 187 Calls187338116831
FB Apr 59 Calls59299109159
FB Apr 58 Puts58216086210
BX May 32 Puts3221185848
SPY Apr 187.5 Calls187.5193895895
IWM Apr 111.5 Puts111.5186453560
QQQ MayW1 84.5 Puts84.5185271470
AAPL Apr 517.5 Puts517.5182891829
QQQ Apr 85.5 Puts85.5181755167
SPY AprW4 184.5 Puts184.5180355257
SPY AprW4 185.5 Puts185.5179804859
F MayW1 16.5 Calls16.5166802427
FB Apr 59 Puts59161854580
MU Jul 21 Calls21150903913

Short Call Ideas for April 16

SymbolStrikeBidStockDays% Return
SODA MayW2 45.5 Calls45.51.3540.75243.31
SODA MayW2 46 Calls461.340.75243.19
SODA MayW2 46.5 Calls46.51.1540.75242.82
SODA MayW2 47 Calls471.0540.75242.57
GMCR MayW2 110 Calls1102.4898.13242.52
SODA MayW2 47.5 Calls47.50.9540.75242.33
GMCR MayW2 111 Calls1112.2898.13242.32
SODA MayW2 48 Calls480.940.75242.2
GMCR MayW2 112 Calls1122.198.13242.14
VXX MayW2 47.5 Calls47.50.8442.35241.98
SODA MayW1 45.5 Calls45.50.840.75171.96
SODA MayW2 48.5 Calls48.50.840.75241.96
AKAM MayW2 61 Calls611.0754.52241.96
GMCR MayW2 113 Calls1131.998.13241.93
VXX MayW2 48 Calls480.7842.35241.84
SODA MayW2 49 Calls490.7540.75241.84
GMCR MayW2 114 Calls1141.7198.13241.74
SODA MayW1 46 Calls460.740.75171.71
VXX MayW2 48.5 Calls48.50.7242.35241.7
SODA MayW2 50 Calls500.6540.75241.59

Short Put Ideas for April 16

SymbolStrikeBidStockDays% Return
DECK MayW2 71 Puts711.6578.31242.1
DECK MayW1 71 Puts711.578.31171.91
DECK MayW2 70.5 Puts70.51.578.31241.91
DECK MayW1 70.5 Puts70.51.478.31171.78
DECK MayW2 70 Puts701.478.31241.78
DECK MayW1 70 Puts701.2578.31171.59
DECK MayW2 69.5 Puts69.51.2578.31241.59
DECK MayW2 69 Puts691.1578.31241.46
DECK MayW1 69.5 Puts69.51.178.31171.4
DECK MayW2 68.5 Puts68.51.0578.31241.34
SVXY MayW2 52 Puts520.5561.11240.9
STX MayW1 50.5 Puts50.50.4855.67170.86
SVXY MayW2 51 Puts510.4561.11240.73
GOOGL AprW4 510 Puts5102.6563.9100.46
LULU AprW4 47 Puts470.1752.71100.32
GOOGL AprW4 480 Puts4800.6563.9100.1
IBM MayW1 175 Puts1750.16196.4170.08
GOOGL AprW4 475 Puts4750.35563.9100.06
GOOGL AprW4 470 Puts4700.3563.9100.05
GOOGL AprW4 465 Puts4650.25563.9100.04

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