Trading Summary

Update June 30

Open P&L for all 3 put spreads now at +$245. 2 days left until option expiration. I think it's worth holding onto MU and RAD until expiry. However, BTU I'm concerned about. If the stock closes above $2.50, then I will end up with a short stock position at $3 - as the $3 long put will be exercised into short stock and the $2.50 short put will expire worthless. If the stock closes below $2.50 then the short put will also be exercised by assigning me stock - cancelling out the short leg from the $3 strike. I'll see how Wednesday's session turns out.

Peabody Energy (BTU) high on implied volatility - over 100%. But earnings aren't out for a few weeks. Strong downtrend in place and huge IV for the downside puts. After getting burnt on WTW shorting puts, I've gone with the trend here with a long put spread aiming for the stock to be lower than $2.75 over the coming three weeks.

Peabody Energy Chart

Micron Technology also a good candidate for a long put spread although I might have been too early to put this on as the stock looks like rebounding in the short term. I probably could have traded a better price if waited an extra day or so.

Using the Delta to Hedge Options

Delta measures the theoretical change to the value of an option as the underlying changes. This means the option's value is tied to the underlying by the amount of "delta" the option theoretically has. Traders can then offset the risk of the opiton by trading an appropriate amount of shares in the underlying security

Pricing Options with the Binomial Model

The Binomial Model is the model of choice for American styled options - that is, those options where you can exercise any time up until the expiration date. Even though Black and Scholes was the original option pricing model, the Binomial Model is probably more widely used than B&S.

Option Boost Video Course

For just $199 you can have immediate access to over 10 hours of option trading videos. This course begins with the basic building blocks of how the option market works and builds upon this by teaching you step by step how to execute profitable option strategies. The part I liked the most was the Actionable Chart Setups for placing high-probability option trades. Other interesting sections of the course are Portfolio Hedging, Sector Rotation and Mean Reversion. Visit Option Boost for your copy now.

Option Pricing

There's lots of programs out there that will charge you a monthly fee for a calculator that prices up option contracts. Not here!

I've put together a little something in Microsoft Excel that just does this, plus prices up all of the Option Greeks.

Option Combinations

Browse our comprehensive dictionary of option combination strategies. Learn how option combinations give you the ultimate flexibility with your investment decisions.