Option Volume Spikes for October 30

SymbolStrikeVolumeOpen Int
SPY OctW5 199 Puts199537307825
WLT Nov 2.5 Calls2.5394722583
EEM Nov 42.5 Calls42.53890311202
SPY NovW1 201.5 Calls201.53889611191
X Nov 30 Puts30377747427
SPY OctW5 198.5 Puts198.5365956549
SPY NovW1 198 Puts1983588011780
INTC OctW5 32.5 Puts32.5317492231
SPY NovW1 202 Calls202306483979
XLF Dec 23 Puts23259407602
SPY NovW1 199 Puts199221921638
HPQ OctW5 35 Puts35214481190
SPY NovW1 206 Calls206202001567
FB OctW5 74 Calls74185962159
IWM NovW1 113.5 Puts113.5185832227
INTC OctW5 33 Puts33184583009
INTC OctW5 33.5 Puts33.5175121842
INTC NovW2 32 Puts3213846512
FB OctW5 74.5 Calls74.5122681835
EWZ NovW1 41 Puts41115101509

Short Call Ideas for October 30

SymbolStrikeBidStockDays% Return
GRPN Nov 7 Calls70.185.98233.01
ZU Nov 39.5 Calls39.5135.46232.82
GRPN NovW2 7 Calls70.165.98162.67
ZU Nov 40 Calls400.935.46232.53
ZU NovW2 40 Calls400.8535.46162.39
ZU NovW1 40 Calls400.835.4692.25
ZU NovW2 40.5 Calls40.50.835.46162.25
KING Nov 13.54 Calls13.50.2511.32232.2
ZU NovW2 39.5 Calls39.50.7535.46162.11
ZU NovW1 39.5 Calls39.50.6535.4691.83
ZU Nov 40.5 Calls40.50.6535.46231.83
ZU Nov 41 Calls410.635.46231.69
ZU NovW1 41 Calls410.535.4691.41
ZU Nov 41.5 Calls41.50.535.46231.41
ZU Nov 42 Calls420.535.46231.41
BOIL Nov 35 Calls350.429.7231.34
ZU NovW2 41.5 Calls41.50.4535.46161.26
ZU NovW2 41 Calls410.4535.46161.26
TSLA NovW2 267.5 Calls267.52.85238.66161.19
ZU NovW1 40.5 Calls40.50.435.4691.12

Short Put Ideas for October 30

SymbolStrikeBidStockDays% Return
NDLS Nov 20 Puts200.722.28233.14
GDOT Nov 20 Puts200.6522.17232.93
ARUN Nov 19 Puts190.521232.38
KOLD Nov 50 Puts501.2556.08232.22
UNTD Nov 10 Puts100.2511.26232.22
GME Nov 38 Puts380.9342.08232.21
PNK Nov 22 Puts220.5525.28232.17
HMSY Nov 20 Puts200.4522.38232.01
LNKD Nov 182.5 Puts182.53.85202.9231.89
GME Nov 37.5 Puts37.50.7942.08231.87
GMCR Nov 136 Puts1362.78149.98231.85
WWWW Nov 17.5 Puts17.50.3519.77231.77
GME Nov 37 Puts370.7342.08231.73
KOLD Nov 49 Puts490.9556.08231.69
GMCR Nov 135 Puts1352.54149.98231.69
CTRP Nov 52 Puts520.9557.31231.65
KATE Nov 24 Puts240.4527.16231.65
LNKD Nov 180 Puts1803.3202.9231.62
DDS Nov 95 Puts951.7105231.61
GMCR Nov 134 Puts1342.4149.98231.6

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