Option Volume Spikes for October 20

SymbolStrikeVolumeOpen Int
EFA Dec 57 Puts577952822611
EFA Dec 53 Puts537905813466
SPY Dec 204 Calls2047450112523
EEM OctW5 40.5 Puts40.5635559720
COV Jan15 75 Puts75503895355
XLI Dec 48 Puts4850023813
XLI Dec 54 Calls5450001897
SPY OctW5 193 Calls1934699214928
COV Jan15 57.5 Puts57.5460292409
GM OctW5 31.5 Calls31.533633687
FB OctW4 75 Puts75264183370
QQQ OctW4 93 Puts93224235208
MPEL Jan16 31.66 Calls31.7207006375
MPEL Jan16 41.66 Calls41.7207001870
IWM Mar15 125 Calls125205002990
HPT Dec 30 Calls3020280611
INTC Nov 32 Calls32175615186
SPY OctW4 189.5 Calls189.5153004889
ACI Jan17 1 Puts1137634575
EFA Jan15 64 Calls64129841446

Short Call Ideas for October 20

SymbolStrikeBidStockDays% Return
EWZ NovW2 48.5 Calls48.51.8143.41264.16
EWZ NovW1 48.5 Calls48.51.7743.41194.07
EWZ NovW1 49 Calls491.5843.41193.63
EWZ NovW2 49 Calls491.5743.41263.61
EWZ NovW2 49.5 Calls49.51.4943.41263.43
EWZ NovW2 50 Calls501.3643.41263.13
EWZ NovW1 49.5 Calls49.51.3543.41193.1
EWZ NovW1 50 Calls501.2843.41192.94
EWZ NovW2 50.5 Calls50.51.2343.41262.83
EWZ NovW1 50.5 Calls50.51.243.41192.76
EWZ NovW2 51 Calls511.1143.41262.55
EWZ NovW1 51 Calls511.0743.41192.46
EWZ NovW2 51.5 Calls51.50.9943.41262.28
EWZ NovW1 51.5 Calls51.50.9443.41192.16
EWZ NovW2 52 Calls520.8843.41262.02
EWZ NovW2 52.5 Calls52.50.7843.41261.79
EWZ NovW1 52 Calls520.7543.41191.72
EWZ NovW2 53 Calls530.6843.41261.56
DECK NovW1 98 Calls981.3587.91191.53
EWZ NovW1 52.5 Calls52.50.6543.41191.49

Short Put Ideas for October 20

SymbolStrikeBidStockDays% Return
APOL NovW1 23 Puts230.5225.76192.01
AGQ NovW2 43 Puts430.8548.15261.76
CRUS NovW1 19 Puts190.3521.02191.66
AGQ NovW2 43.5 Puts43.50.848.15261.66
FB NovW2 69.5 Puts69.51.276.94261.55
FB NovW2 69 Puts691.176.94261.42
RAX NovW2 31.5 Puts31.50.535.07261.42
APOL NovW1 22.5 Puts22.50.3525.76191.35
AGQ NovW1 43.5 Puts43.50.6548.15191.34
FB NovW1 69.5 Puts69.51.0276.94191.32
FB NovW2 68.5 Puts68.51.0176.94261.31
RAX NovW2 31 Puts310.4535.07261.28
AGQ NovW2 42.5 Puts42.50.648.15261.24
FB NovW1 69 Puts690.9376.94191.2
FB NovW2 68 Puts680.9376.94261.2
AGQ NovW2 42 Puts420.5548.15261.14
AGQ NovW1 43 Puts430.548.15191.03
AGQ NovW2 41.5 Puts41.50.548.15261.03
RAX NovW2 30.5 Puts30.50.3535.07260.99
FB NovW1 68 Puts680.7676.94190.98

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