Option Volume Spikes for November 26

SymbolStrikeVolumeOpen Int
XLE DecW1 84 Puts84522682172
LOW Dec 60 Calls603826410920
TIBX Feb15 23 Calls23276491680
TIBX Feb15 23 Puts23276051478
IWM DecW1 116 Puts116265597466
XOP DecW1 60 Calls60193491242
XOP DecW1 64 Calls64190163144
FB NovW4 78 Calls78156044213
VXX Dec 25.5 Puts25.5150252496
USO Dec 28.5 Calls28.5144811753
FB NovW4 76 Puts76120752609
EWZ Mar15 48 Calls48115041146
FB NovW4 77 Puts7710921720
INTC Jan15 37 Puts37104661822
QQQ NovW4 105.5 Puts105.598501728
VIPS Dec 21 Puts2191272063
SPY DecW1 175 Puts1758841678
DKS Dec 52.5 Calls52.58355637
DAL NovW4 44 Puts4480882287
SLB Dec 90 Puts9074381950

Short Call Ideas for November 26

SymbolStrikeBidStockDays% Return
MEIP Dec 7.5 Calls7.50.36.74244.45
PBYI Dec 257.5 Calls257.55.8230.05242.52
PBYI Dec 260 Calls2605.1230.05242.21
BBRY Dec 12 Calls120.2110.47242
ZSL Dec 124 Calls1242.2110.29241.99
VXX Dec 30 Calls300.5326.7241.98
ZSL Dec 125 Calls1252.05110.29241.85
VXX Dec 30.5 Calls30.50.4826.7241.79
ZSL Dec 126 Calls1261.9110.29241.72
VIXY Dec 20 Calls200.317.75241.69
PBYI DecW2 257.5 Calls257.53.8230.05171.65
VXX Dec 31 Calls310.4426.7241.64
PBYI Dec 265 Calls2653.7230.05241.6
ZSL Dec 127 Calls1271.75110.29241.58
SDRL Dec 18 Calls180.2515.99241.56
YANG Dec 15 Calls150.213.01241.53
VXX Dec 31.5 Calls31.50.426.7241.49
ZSL Dec 128 Calls1281.65110.29241.49
TZA Dec 14.5 Calls14.50.1912.83241.48
VXX Dec 32 Calls320.3826.7241.42

Short Put Ideas for November 26

SymbolStrikeBidStockDays% Return
AFSI Dec 45 Puts452.3551.65244.54
AFSI Dec 45.5 Puts45.52.1551.65244.16
AFSI Dec 46 Puts462.1551.65244.16
AFSI Dec 44.5 Puts44.51.851.65243.48
AFSI Dec 46.5 Puts46.51.851.65243.48
AFSI Dec 44 Puts441.551.65242.9
AFSI Dec 42.5 Puts42.51.551.65242.9
AVNR Dec 13 Puts130.415242.66
CONN Dec 31 Puts310.8535242.42
AFSI Dec 43 Puts431.2551.65242.42
MDVN Dec 104 Puts1042.75114.86242.39
AFSI Dec 43.5 Puts43.51.251.65242.32
CONN Dec 30 Puts300.835242.28
MDVN Dec 103 Puts1032.45114.86242.13
AFSI Dec 42 Puts42151.65241.93
YINN Dec 30 Puts300.6533.66241.93
AEO Dec 12.5 Puts12.50.2513.92241.79
SVXY Dec 70.5 Puts70.51.3577.7241.73
LULU Dec 43.5 Puts43.50.8348.31241.71
CONN Dec 29 Puts290.635241.71

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