Option Volume Spikes for September 1

SymbolStrikeVolumeOpen Int
SPY Dec 210 Calls21026304075180
SPY Dec 205 Calls20526177960928
CHL Jan15 50 Calls50555515049
SPY SepW1 200 Puts200379389597
CHL Jan15 47.5 Calls47.5351622939
CHL Sep 50 Calls50256323975
SPY SepW1 199.5 Puts199.5253718042
AAPL SepW1 102 Puts102236371643
VXX SepW1 27 Puts27222785898
OXY Nov 115 Calls115201132403
RSX Nov 28 Calls28200203731
RSX Nov 26 Calls26200142568
CHL Jan15 45 Calls45185901695
CHL Sep 47.5 Calls47.5179203252
AAPL SepW2 95 Puts95177523276
OXY Jan15 115 Calls115161882105
OXY Jan15 125 Calls12516094640
AAPL SepW1 98 Puts98159472520
SPY SepW1 202.5 Puts202.5156851612
CHL Jan15 52.5 Calls52.5148553645

Short Call Ideas for September 1

SymbolStrikeBidStockDays% Return
VXX SepW4 31.5 Calls31.50.8728.11263.09
VXX SepW4 32 Calls320.828.11262.84
VXX SepW4 32.5 Calls32.50.7328.11262.59
VXX SepW4 33 Calls330.6828.11262.41
VXX Sep 31.5 Calls31.50.6728.11192.38
VXX SepW4 33.5 Calls33.50.6328.11262.24
VXX Sep 32 Calls320.6128.11192.17
VXX SepW4 34 Calls340.5828.11262.06
VXX Sep 32.5 Calls32.50.5628.11191.99
VXX SepW4 34.5 Calls34.50.5428.11261.92
VIXY Sep 21 Calls210.3518.74191.86
VXX Sep 33 Calls330.528.11191.77
VXX SepW4 35 Calls350.528.11261.77
VXX Sep 33.5 Calls33.50.4728.11191.67
VXX SepW4 35.5 Calls35.50.4728.11261.67
TZA SepW4 16 Calls160.2314.25261.61
VIIX Sep 45 Calls450.638.01191.57
HLF SepW4 57 Calls570.850.98261.56
VXX SepW4 36 Calls360.4428.11261.56
VXX Sep 34 Calls340.4228.11191.49

Short Put Ideas for September 1

SymbolStrikeBidStockDays% Return
KERX Sep 16 Puts16118.18195.5
KERX Sep 15 Puts150.6518.18193.57
KERX Sep 14 Puts140.518.18192.75
SVXY SepW4 77 Puts772.385.03262.7
SVXY SepW4 76.5 Puts76.52.285.03262.58
CONN Sep 40 Puts401.1544.8192.56
SVXY SepW4 76 Puts762.185.03262.46
SVXY SepW4 75.5 Puts75.52.0585.03262.41
SVXY SepW4 75 Puts75285.03262.35
P SepW4 24.5 Puts24.50.6227.04262.29
SVXY SepW4 74.5 Puts74.51.985.03262.23
KERX Sep 13 Puts130.418.18192.2
SVXY Sep 77 Puts771.885.03192.11
SVXY SepW4 74 Puts741.885.03262.11
SVXY Sep 76.5 Puts76.51.785.03191.99
SVXY SepW4 73.5 Puts73.51.785.03261.99
SVXY SepW4 73 Puts731.6585.03261.94
SVXY Sep 76 Puts761.685.03191.88
BBRY SepW4 9 Puts90.1910.18261.86
SVXY Sep 75.5 Puts75.51.5585.03191.82

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