Option Volume Spikes for October 1

SymbolStrikeVolumeOpen Int
SPY Oct 195 Calls195609167502
SPY OctW1 195 Calls195539163732
XLE Nov 80 Puts80530925191
SPY OctW1 196 Calls196442525372
FXI Oct 39 Calls39387945433
EEM Oct 39.5 Puts39.5346487748
XLU Oct 43 Calls43317355260
QQQ OctW1 98 Calls98290005385
SPY OctW1 195.5 Calls195.5279494103
IWM Nov 111 Calls111261414315
EEM OctW2 41 Puts41216795392
SPY Oct 194 Calls194211433134
QQQ OctW1 97 Puts97210166888
SPY OctW1 194 Calls194200821029
FB OctW1 77 Calls77194352875
IWM Oct 108 Calls108191143303
OXY Oct 100 Calls100181762858
QQQ OctW1 97.5 Calls97.5178232153
XLF Oct 22.5 Puts22.5176971298
SPY OctW1 196.5 Calls196.5166564708

Short Call Ideas for October 1

SymbolStrikeBidStockDays% Return
GWPH OctW4 85 Calls852.7576.18243.6
GWPH Oct 90 Calls902.776.18173.54
GWPH OctW4 86 Calls862.576.18243.28
GWPH Oct 85 Calls852.4576.18173.21
GWPH OctW4 87 Calls872.376.18243.01
GWPH Oct 86 Calls862.276.18172.88
GWPH OctW4 88 Calls882.0576.18242.69
GWPH Oct 87 Calls87276.18172.62
P OctW4 26 Calls260.5923.23242.53
GWPH OctW4 89 Calls891.976.18242.49
GWPH OctW4 90 Calls901.8576.18242.42
GWPH Oct 88 Calls881.876.18172.36
CODE Oct 24 Calls240.521.29172.34
CODE Oct 25 Calls250.521.29172.34
GWPH Oct 89 Calls891.676.18172.1
GWPH OctW4 91 Calls911.676.18242.1
P OctW4 26.5 Calls26.50.4723.23242.02
GWPH OctW4 92 Calls921.4576.18241.9
P OctW4 27 Calls270.4323.23241.85
HLF OctW4 49 Calls490.7543.63241.71

Short Put Ideas for October 1

SymbolStrikeBidStockDays% Return
ALNY Oct 70 Puts701.377.1171.68
ZSL Oct 96 Puts961.6105.66171.51
VIIX Oct 39 Puts390.6543.14171.5
SOXS Oct 18 Puts180.320.09171.49
JNS Oct 13 Puts130.214.35171.39
ZSL Oct 95 Puts951.35105.66171.27
WTW Oct 25 Puts250.3527.64171.26
ZSL Oct 94 Puts941.15105.66171.08
ZSL Oct 93 Puts931105.66170.94
ALNY Oct 65 Puts650.777.1170.9
ZSL Oct 92 Puts920.85105.66170.8
NUS OctW4 37 Puts370.3543.76240.79
FXP Oct 51 Puts510.4156.22170.72
ZSL Oct 91 Puts910.7105.66170.66
MNK Oct 80 Puts800.5589.06170.61
UTHR Oct 115 Puts1150.8130.49170.61
ZSL Oct 90 Puts900.55105.66170.52
FXP Oct 50 Puts500.2956.22170.51
ZSL Oct 89 Puts890.5105.66170.47
UTHR Oct 110 Puts1100.5130.49170.38

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