Option Volume Spikes for September 17

SymbolStrikeVolumeOpen Int
GE Jan16 20 Calls2012260834854
GE Jan15 22 Calls2211063523582
GE Jan15 20 Calls208190011745
SPY SepW4 200 Puts2005112415334
EEM SepW4 45 Calls454792912079
GE Sep 25 Calls254707111246
SPY SepW4 201 Calls201392747704
IWM SepW4 117 Calls117318214741
BWP Mar15 19 Calls19294981741
KO Sep 41.5 Calls41.5242823369
GE Jan15 13 Calls13234203337
APC Jan15 140 Calls140233061279
GE Jan15 18 Calls18214403063
EEM Nov 37 Puts37200004769
GE Jan16 18 Calls18183352816
GPRO Oct 55 Calls55150091462
SPY OctW2 210 Calls21014756789
PIR Oct 16 Calls16140912192
PHM SepW4 19 Calls1913374525
SPY SepW4 200.5 Puts200.5132772195

Short Call Ideas for September 17

SymbolStrikeBidStockDays% Return
NQ OctW2 7 Calls70.176.16242.75
VXX OctW2 31 Calls310.6227.63242.24
VXX OctW2 31.5 Calls31.50.5727.63242.06
VXX OctW2 32 Calls320.5227.63241.88
VXX OctW2 32.5 Calls32.50.4927.63241.77
VXX OctW2 33 Calls330.4527.63241.62
VXX OctW1 31 Calls310.4327.63171.55
VXX OctW2 33.5 Calls33.50.4227.63241.52
VXX OctW1 31.5 Calls31.50.3927.63171.41
VXX OctW2 34 Calls340.3827.63241.37
VXX OctW1 32 Calls320.3527.63171.26
VXX OctW2 34.5 Calls34.50.3527.63241.26
VXX OctW2 35 Calls350.3327.63241.19
VXX OctW1 32.5 Calls32.50.3227.63171.15
VXX OctW2 35.5 Calls35.50.3127.63241.12
VXX OctW1 33 Calls330.2927.63171.04
VXX OctW2 36 Calls360.2927.63241.04
VXX OctW1 33.5 Calls33.50.2727.63170.97
VXX OctW2 36.5 Calls36.50.2727.63240.97
HLF OctW2 50.5 Calls50.50.4145.22240.9

Short Put Ideas for September 17

SymbolStrikeBidStockDays% Return
BBRY OctW2 10 Puts100.2711242.45
SVXY OctW2 78 Puts781.7585.95242.03
SVXY OctW2 77.5 Puts77.51.6585.95241.91
BBRY OctW1 10 Puts100.2111171.9
SVXY OctW2 77 Puts771.5585.95241.8
SVXY OctW2 76.5 Puts76.51.585.95241.74
BBRY SepW4 10 Puts100.1911101.72
SVXY OctW2 76 Puts761.3585.95241.57
BBRY OctW2 9.5 Puts9.50.1711241.54
SVXY OctW2 75.5 Puts75.51.385.95241.51
SVXY OctW1 78 Puts781.2585.95171.45
SVXY OctW2 75 Puts751.2585.95241.45
YHOO OctW2 38.5 Puts38.50.5942.58241.38
SVXY OctW1 77.5 Puts77.51.1585.95171.33
SVXY OctW2 74.5 Puts74.51.1585.95241.33
YHOO OctW1 38.5 Puts38.50.5642.58171.31
SVXY OctW1 77 Puts771.0585.95171.22
SVXY OctW1 76.5 Puts76.5185.95171.16
SVXY OctW1 76 Puts760.9585.95171.1
YHOO OctW1 38 Puts380.4542.58171.05

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