Option Volume Spikes for July 23

SymbolStrikeVolumeOpen Int
EFA Oct 64 Puts6485347963
BX Jan15 25 Calls257656211542
QQQ AugW1 97.5 Calls97.5368202766
SPY Aug 195.5 Puts195.5282063289
BX Jan15 27 Calls27262153741
FXI Aug 40.5 Calls40.5253823148
AAPL JulW4 97 Puts97216753351
ACI Aug 3 Calls3203451588
MU JulW4 34 Calls34187226051
FB JulW4 76 Calls76157474067
TLT AugW1 111 Puts11115000848
AAPL JulW4 98 Puts98128891503
NOK Aug 7.5 Calls7.5126521080
IWM Aug 116.5 Calls116.511165945
FB JulW4 69.5 Puts69.510891935
FB JulW4 80 Calls80107513243
SPY Dec 198 Puts198102092223
ABBV Feb15 55 Calls55100122446
QQQ JulW4 97 Puts97100081818
FB JulW4 77 Calls7795411762

Short Call Ideas for July 23

SymbolStrikeBidStockDays% Return
INSM Aug 21 Calls210.7518.14244.13
VHC Aug 17 Calls170.5514.76243.72
AEGR Aug 32.5 Calls32.51.0528.73243.65
VHC Aug 18 Calls180.514.76243.38
ESI Aug 17 Calls170.515.17243.29
MODN Aug 11 Calls110.39.65243.1
UBNT Aug 45 Calls451.240.04242.99
GRPN Aug 7 Calls70.176.25242.72
VHC Aug 16.5 Calls16.50.414.76242.71
VHC Aug 17.5 Calls17.50.414.76242.71
TWTR Aug 42 Calls421.0137.75242.67
YELP Aug 77.5 Calls77.51.868.7242.62
STRA Aug 55 Calls551.2549.42242.52
UBNT Aug 46 Calls46140.04242.49
TRLA Aug 46 Calls46140.58242.46
OLED Aug 34 Calls340.7530.51242.45
TWTR AugW2 42 Calls420.9137.75172.41
VHC Aug 20 Calls200.3514.76242.37
VHC Aug 19 Calls190.3514.76242.37
YELP AugW2 77 Calls771.5568.7172.25

Short Put Ideas for July 23

SymbolStrikeBidStockDays% Return
WHX Aug 2 Puts20.22.33248.58
SALE Aug 22.5 Puts22.50.725.04242.79
WTW Aug 18 Puts180.5520.31242.7
INVN Aug 23 Puts230.6525.61242.53
GRUB Aug 30 Puts300.833.52242.38
CLF Aug 14 Puts140.3615.48242.32
DXCM Aug 35 Puts350.8538.5242.2
INFN Aug 8 Puts80.29.15242.18
INVN AugW2 23 Puts230.5525.61172.14
INVN Aug 22.5 Puts22.50.5525.61242.14
MLNX Aug 33 Puts330.837.27242.14
VIPS Aug 190 Puts1904.4210.66242.08
QLIK Aug 20 Puts200.4522.44242
QUNR Aug 25 Puts250.527.65241.8
CTRP Aug 56.5 Puts56.51.162.23241.76
INVN AugW1 23 Puts230.4525.61101.75
CLF AugW2 14 Puts140.2715.48171.74
ATHM Aug 30 Puts300.5534241.61
CLF Aug 13.5 Puts13.50.2515.48241.61
MLNX Aug 32 Puts320.637.27241.6

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