Option Volume Spikes for July 9

SymbolStrikeVolumeOpen Int
SAN Jan15 7 Calls78451712852
SPY Sep 215 Calls2155247712968
SAN Jan16 7 Calls7455036903
SAN Sep 9 Calls9299006911
SAN Jan15 5 Calls5234003633
EWT Jan15 15 Puts15221253623
MSI Jan15 60 Puts60211836810
FB JulW2 64 Calls64155014006
LLTC Aug 50 Calls5014212937
AAPL JulW4 93 Puts93128762044
AAPL JulW2 97 Puts97119923832
IWM AugW1 111 Puts11111962572
SPLS Sep 10 Calls10104751318
MU JulW2 32.5 Puts32.5102342462
EA Sep 41 Calls4110128567
EA Sep 37 Calls3710116626
SAN Jul 10 Calls10100202317
EEM Oct 30 Puts3010002547
DE JulW2 89 Puts8998401780
FB JulW2 64.5 Calls64.592332857

Short Call Ideas for July 9

SymbolStrikeBidStockDays% Return
TWTR AugW1 42.5 Calls42.51.238.06243.15
P AugW1 29 Calls290.7325.84242.82
TWTR AugW1 43 Calls431.0738.06242.81
TWTR AugW1 43.5 Calls43.50.9738.06242.54
P AugW1 29.5 Calls29.50.6325.84242.43
P JulW4 29 Calls290.6225.84172.39
TWTR AugW1 44 Calls440.8738.06242.28
VXX AugW1 31 Calls310.6127.65242.2
P AugW1 30 Calls300.5425.84242.08
QLIK AugW1 24.5 Calls24.50.4521.95242.05
P JulW4 29.5 Calls29.50.5225.84172.01
VXX AugW1 31.5 Calls31.50.5427.65241.95
TWTR AugW1 45 Calls450.7138.06241.86
P AugW1 30.5 Calls30.50.4625.84241.78
VXX AugW1 32 Calls320.4827.65241.73
P JulW4 30 Calls300.4425.84171.7
QLIK JulW4 24.5 Calls24.50.3521.95171.59
VXX AugW1 32.5 Calls32.50.4327.65241.55
P AugW1 31 Calls310.425.84241.54
VXX JulW4 31 Calls310.4127.65171.48

Short Put Ideas for July 9

SymbolStrikeBidStockDays% Return
SVXY AugW1 82.5 Puts82.51.9591.04242.14
INVN AugW1 21 Puts210.523.59242.11
CUDA Jul 30 Puts300.733.34102.09
SVXY AugW1 82 Puts821.8591.04242.03
SVXY AugW1 81.5 Puts81.51.7591.04241.92
HLF AugW1 59.5 Puts59.51.2365.72241.87
SVXY AugW1 81 Puts811.6591.04241.81
HLF AugW1 59 Puts591.1565.72241.74
SVXY AugW1 80.5 Puts80.51.5591.04241.7
SVXY AugW1 80 Puts801.591.04241.64
DECK AugW1 77 Puts771.485.33241.64
CRUS AugW1 22 Puts220.424.46241.63
HLF AugW1 58.5 Puts58.51.0765.72241.62
SVXY JulW4 82.5 Puts82.51.491.04171.53
SVXY AugW1 79.5 Puts79.51.491.04241.53
HLF AugW1 58 Puts58165.72241.52
INVN AugW1 20.5 Puts20.50.3523.59241.48
SVXY AugW1 79 Puts791.3591.04241.48
DECK JulW4 77 Puts771.2585.33171.46
HLF AugW1 57.5 Puts57.50.9465.72241.43

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