Option Volume Spikes for January 22

SymbolStrikeVolumeOpen Int
SPY Mar 220 Calls22020737332032
AAPL JanW4 113 Calls1134200913289
SPY JanW4 206.5 Calls206.53755011943
HUN May 24 Calls24337697033
MCP Mar 0.5 Calls0.5307671034
HUN May 20 Puts20270151220
MCP Jun 0.5 Puts0.525000672
COP Feb 70 Calls70198943717
SPY JanW4 203.5 Puts203.5186504106
SPY JanW4 205.5 Puts205.5144534504
FXCM Aug 5 Calls5140651813
XLF Sep 24 Puts24130022397
QQQ JanW4 102.5 Puts102.5126003093
SPY JanW4 206 Puts206121893195
TBT Mar 50 Calls50114322216
QQQ JanW4 103 Puts103107732513
QQQ Jun 107 Calls10710400679
RSX Feb 13 Puts13102952531
XLF Feb 23.5 Calls23.59632908
QQQ JanW4 104.5 Calls104.596202000

Short Call Ideas for January 22

SymbolStrikeBidStockDays% Return
GRPN FebW2 8.5 Calls8.50.227.5232.93
P FebW2 18 Calls180.3815.92232.38
GNW FebW2 8.5 Calls8.50.167.39232.16
P FebW1 18 Calls180.3215.92162.01
DATA FebW2 93 Calls931.2583.52231.49
QLIK FebW2 34 Calls340.430.2231.32
DATA FebW2 94 Calls941.183.52231.31
DECK FebW1 88 Calls88178.44161.27
YHOO FebW2 54.5 Calls54.50.648.89231.22
QLIK FebW2 34.5 Calls34.50.3530.2231.15
YHOO FebW2 55 Calls550.5448.89231.1
DECK FebW1 89 Calls890.878.44161.01
KORS FebW1 77 Calls770.669.09160.86
KORS FebW2 78 Calls780.569.09230.72
AKAM FebW2 67.5 Calls67.50.3960.62230.64
AKAM FebW2 68 Calls680.3460.62230.56
EXPE FebW1 96 Calls960.385.69160.35
AKAM FebW2 69.5 Calls69.50.260.62230.32
YHOO FebW1 57 Calls570.1648.89160.32
DECK FebW1 94.5 Calls94.50.2578.44160.31

Short Put Ideas for January 22

SymbolStrikeBidStockDays% Return
NUS FebW2 40.5 Puts40.51.645.06233.55
NUS FebW2 40 Puts401.545.06233.32
TWTR FebW2 35.5 Puts35.51.2839.07233.27
TWTR FebW1 35.5 Puts35.51.1739.07162.99
YELP FebW2 49.5 Puts49.51.3554.8232.46
YELP FebW2 49 Puts491.2554.8232.28
GMCR FebW2 122 Puts1222.22134.7231.64
SYNA FebW1 61 Puts611.167.25161.63
SWKS FebW2 72 Puts721.2579.3231.57
GMCR FebW2 121 Puts1212.07134.7231.53
VRTX FebW2 115 Puts1151.95127.3231.53
ATHN FebW2 133 Puts1332.15146.31231.46
SWKS FebW2 71.5 Puts71.51.1579.3231.45
SYNA FebW1 60.5 Puts60.50.9567.25161.41
CRUS FebW2 22.5 Puts22.50.3525.1231.39
ATHN FebW2 132 Puts1322146.31231.36
VRTX FebW2 114 Puts1141.7127.3231.33
CTRP FebW2 45 Puts450.6549.56231.31
RSX FebW2 14 Puts140.216.3231.22
CRUS FebW1 22.5 Puts22.50.325.1161.19

Current Trading Summary

As at market close 22nd Jan

F, long $16 Jan 30 call option -($18).

AVP, Long Bear Put Spread -($11.40).

COH, Short Condor -($14).

Using the Delta to Hedge Options

Delta measures the theoretical change to the value of an option as the underlying changes. This means the option's value is tied to the underlying by the amount of "delta" the option theoretically has. Traders can then offset the risk of the opiton by trading an appropriate amount of shares in the underlying security

Pricing Options with the Binomial Model

The Binomial Model is the model of choice for American styled options - that is, those options where you can exercise any time up until the expiration date. Even though Black and Scholes was the original option pricing model, the Binomial Model is probably more widely used than B&S.

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Option Pricing

There's lots of programs out there that will charge you a monthly fee for a calculator that prices up option contracts. Not here!

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Option Combinations

Browse our comprehensive dictionary of option combination strategies. Learn how option combinations give you the ultimate flexibility with your investment decisions.