Option Volume Spikes for November 21

SymbolStrikeVolumeOpen Int
WLT Dec 3.5 Calls3.512334122015
AAPL Dec 120 Puts120556713965
EEM DecW1 41 Puts41493368156
SPY Dec 206 Puts206487666821
GLNG Dec 60 Calls60400483091
AMAT Apr15 25 Calls25357297321
SPY DecQ 194 Puts194337876760
VIPS Dec 26 Calls26300551439
SPY NovW4 207 Puts207276951473
SPY NovW4 193 Puts193263055693
TWX Dec 75 Puts75262782499
SPY NovW4 206 Puts206250457901
EMC Dec 32 Calls32248563605
POT Jan15 34 Calls34245517189
VXX Dec 31 Calls31231306669
XLK Dec 42 Calls42229161840
SPY NovW4 206.5 Calls206.5220333971
SPY DecW1 202.5 Puts202.5206102619
USO NovW4 27.5 Puts27.5188483761
SPY DecW1 210.5 Calls210.5160651670

Short Call Ideas for November 23

SymbolStrikeBidStockDays% Return
VXX Dec 32 Calls320.7327.92272.61
DANG Dec 14 Calls140.312.38272.42
VIXY Dec 21 Calls210.4518.57272.42
VXX Dec 33 Calls330.6327.92272.25
VIXY Dec 22 Calls220.418.57272.15
VXX DecW2 31.5 Calls31.50.5527.92201.96
VXX Dec 34 Calls340.5527.92271.96
NMBL Dec 30 Calls300.525.94271.92
VXX DecW2 32 Calls320.5227.92201.86
YANG Dec 16 Calls160.2514.16271.76
VIIX Dec 45 Calls450.6537.74271.72
VXX Dec 35 Calls350.4827.92271.71
VXX DecW2 32.5 Calls32.50.4627.92201.64
NUAN Dec 17 Calls170.2515.23271.64
VXX DecW2 33 Calls330.4327.92201.54
TZA Dec 16 Calls160.213.48271.48
EDZ Dec 36 Calls360.4531.71271.41
VXX DecW2 33.5 Calls33.50.3927.92201.39
ANF DecW2 33 Calls330.4129.45201.39
DMND Dec 33 Calls330.429.44271.35

Short Put Ideas for November 23

SymbolStrikeBidStockDays% Return
AFSI Dec 45 Puts452.7551.11275.38
AFSI Dec 42.5 Puts42.5251.11273.91
CONN Dec 30 Puts301.234273.52
AFSI Dec 40 Puts401.851.11273.52
AFSI DecW2 46 Puts461.4551.11202.83
CONN Dec 29 Puts290.8534272.5
SVXY Dec 67 Puts671.874.34272.42
MYCC Dec 17.5 Puts17.50.4519.58272.29
YINN Dec 28 Puts280.731.26272.23
SVXY Dec 66 Puts661.6574.34272.21
AFSI DecW2 45 Puts451.0551.11202.05
LULU Dec 42.5 Puts42.50.9546.92272.02
SVXY Dec 65 Puts651.4574.34271.95
AFSI DecW2 42.5 Puts42.50.9551.11201.85
SVXY DecW2 67.5 Puts67.51.3574.34201.81
DSW Dec 30 Puts300.633.25271.8
SVXY Dec 64 Puts641.374.34271.74
LULU DecW2 42.5 Puts42.50.846.92201.7
ULTA Dec 115 Puts1152.15127.38271.68
SVXY DecW2 67 Puts671.2574.34201.68

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