Option Volume Spikes for August 14

SymbolStrikeVolumeOpen Int
SPY AugW5 193 Puts193478067205
WMB Nov 60 Calls60455338073
NQ Jan15 6 Calls6429533169
NQ Jan15 6 Calls6429533169
AMAT Oct 22 Calls223948111866
BRCM Nov 40 Calls40348201564
MWE Sep 77.5 Calls77.5266401182
RSG Jan15 40 Calls40257831656
AMJ Sep 50 Puts50224522632
CMCSA Jan16 45 Puts45200051645
S Nov 5 Calls5199731071
NRF Sep 17 Calls17191902738
IYR Sep 69 Calls6915016737
CTL Aug 41 Calls41149474493
BIDU Aug 225 Calls225125921500
VXX Aug 30.5 Calls30.5101231969
SFUN Aug 11 Calls11100122994
XLF AugW4 23 Calls2310000687
IWM Oct 119 Calls11992471359
MPC Sep 90 Calls9090731722

Short Call Ideas for August 14

SymbolStrikeBidStockDays% Return
SPLK SepW1 48.5 Calls48.50.8542.8231.98
SPLK SepW1 48 Calls480.8542.8231.98
SPLK AugW5 48 Calls480.7542.8161.75
SHLD SepW1 40 Calls400.5635.71231.56
SPLK AugW5 48.5 Calls48.50.6542.8161.51
SPLK SepW1 49.5 Calls49.50.6542.8231.51
SPLK AugW5 49 Calls490.642.8161.4
SPLK SepW1 50 Calls500.642.8231.4
SPLK SepW1 49 Calls490.642.8231.4
SINA SepW1 54 Calls540.5847.92231.21
SPLK AugW5 50 Calls500.542.8161.16
SHLD SepW1 40.5 Calls40.50.4135.71231.14
SINA SepW1 53.5 Calls53.50.5547.92231.14
SHLD AugW5 40 Calls400.435.71161.12
TZA SepW1 18 Calls180.1715.49231.09
SPLK SepW1 51 Calls510.4542.8231.05
SPLK SepW1 50.5 Calls50.50.4542.8231.05
BBY SepW1 33 Calls330.329.53231.01
SHLD SepW1 41 Calls410.3535.71230.98
SPLK AugW5 50.5 Calls50.50.442.8160.93

Short Put Ideas for August 14

SymbolStrikeBidStockDays% Return
OXY Jan15 110 Calls110563052954231906.05
OXY Jan15 120 Calls120508153134161621.41
QQQ AugW5 95 Puts9525245517423487.92
QQQ AugW5 94.5 Puts94.5225151222231842.47
SPY AugW4 194.5 Puts194.51760856209313.3
OVTI Sep 27 Calls2717057869161962.83
EWZ AugW4 48 Puts4816992288323589.38
VRX Oct 80 Puts8016442582232825.08
VRX Oct 140 Calls14016284310323524.78
IWM Mar15Q 85 Puts8515810448023352.9
EEM Mar15 37 Puts3714900149323997.99
CHK Sep 28 Calls28133481312161017.37
QQQ AugW4 97 Calls9713170390023337.69
EEM AugW4 44.5 Puts44.512794363223352.25
TWTR Aug 46.5 Calls46.512566229823546.82
HTZ Dec 33 Calls3312184547162227.42
QCOM Jan15 100 Calls10012000197516607.59
EEM Nov 48 Calls4810816223623483.72
JCP Aug 9.5 Puts9.510760353423304.47
CX Sep 8 Puts81061112019883.51

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