Option Volume Spikes for August 28

SymbolStrikeVolumeOpen Int
AAPL Nov 110 Calls1105409417098
AAPL Nov 110 Puts11050060663
AAPL Oct 101.4 Calls101.44687511414
AAPL Sep 102 Puts102430401888
RSH Sep 1 Puts1384581716
AAPL Oct 110 Puts11032003548
AAPL AugW5 102 Puts102319627386
WFC Sep 50 Puts50302614704
QCOM Jan15 60 Calls60294076392
AAPL Sep 104 Puts104204401329
AAPL OctW1 101 Calls10120143590
AAPL AugW5 103 Puts103186303445
AAPL SepW1 104 Calls104152374893
AAPL SepW1 103 Puts10314231659
EBAY SepW2 54 Puts54138981087
SLV SepW4 19 Calls1912997729
TWTR AugW5 50 Calls50126271780
AAPL SepW2 98 Puts98115202238
SPY SepW1 198.5 Puts198.5114853164
AAPL SepW2 97 Puts97111452537

Short Call Ideas for August 28

SymbolStrikeBidStockDays% Return
VXX Sep 31.5 Calls31.50.6228.27232.19
VXX Sep 32 Calls320.5728.27232.01
VIXY Sep 21 Calls210.3518.87231.85
VXX Sep 32.5 Calls32.50.5228.27231.83
VXX Sep 33 Calls330.4828.27231.69
VXX Sep 33.5 Calls33.50.4428.27231.55
VXX Sep 34 Calls340.4228.27231.48
VIIX Sep 45 Calls450.5538.2231.43
TZA Sep 16.5 Calls16.50.214.52231.37
RH Sep 95 Calls951.1584.55231.36
VIXY Sep 22 Calls220.2518.87231.32
VXX Sep 34.5 Calls34.50.3628.27231.27
VXX SepW2 31.5 Calls31.50.3528.27161.23
VXX Sep 35 Calls350.3528.27231.23
VIIX Sep 46 Calls460.4538.2231.17
VXX Sep 35.5 Calls35.50.3328.27231.16
VXX SepW2 32 Calls320.3128.27161.09
VIXY Sep 23 Calls230.218.87231.05
VIIX Sep 47 Calls470.438.2231.04
VXX SepW2 32.5 Calls32.50.2828.27160.99

Short Put Ideas for August 28

SymbolStrikeBidStockDays% Return
KERX Sep 16 Puts161.0517.82235.89
KERX Sep 15 Puts150.7517.82234.2
KERX Sep 14 Puts140.5517.82233.08
CONN Sep 40 Puts401.1544.75232.56
KERX Sep 13 Puts130.417.82232.24
SPLK Sep 41 Puts41145.28232.2
PRTA Sep 20 Puts200.4522.54231.99
SVXY Sep 76.5 Puts76.51.684.47231.89
SPLK Sep 40.5 Puts40.50.8545.28231.87
SPLK Sep 40 Puts400.8545.28231.87
MEI Sep 30 Puts300.633.19231.8
SVXY Sep 75 Puts751.584.47231.77
HLF Sep 46 Puts460.8251.12231.6
SVXY Sep 75.5 Puts75.51.3584.47231.59
TNA Sep 68.5 Puts68.51.1975.43231.57
FNSR Sep 18 Puts180.319.95231.5
SVXY Sep 74.5 Puts74.51.2584.47231.47
TNA Sep 68 Puts681.1175.43231.47
HLF Sep 45.5 Puts45.50.7451.12231.44
SPLK SepW2 41 Puts410.6545.28161.43

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