Option Volume Spikes for July 24

SymbolStrikeVolumeOpen Int
FB JulW4 76 Calls764955715064
SPY Oct 198 Puts198454338657
IP Jan15 52.5 Calls52.53831112407
LEN Nov 42 Calls4231602548
FOXA Jan16 25 Puts2530543733
FB JulW4 75 Puts7528027514
YHOO JulW4 35 Calls35229297337
FB Aug 75 Puts7521729659
IYR Aug 73 Puts73207902915
TWTR JulW4 39 Calls39203254803
SPY JulW4 199.5 Puts199.5202462461
SPY AugW1 199 Puts199172095463
ARCP Aug 13 Calls13135634081
YHOO JulW4 36 Puts3613367533
VXX AugW1 41 Calls41128431685
SPY Mar15 200 Calls200120213954
TWTR JulW4 39.5 Calls39.5114272050
VZ Sep 50 Puts50108113454
FB AugW1 75 Calls75103781833
AMD Oct 5 Puts5101002997

Short Call Ideas for July 24

SymbolStrikeBidStockDays% Return
INSM Aug 20 Calls200.917.6235.11
VHC Aug 17 Calls170.5514.59233.76
INSM Aug 21 Calls210.6517.6233.69
VHC Aug 17.5 Calls17.50.4514.59233.08
VHC Aug 18 Calls180.4514.59233.08
MDSO Aug 45 Calls451.1540.28232.85
VHC Aug 16.5 Calls16.50.414.59232.74
VHC Aug 19 Calls190.414.59232.74
UBNT Aug 46 Calls461.140.58232.71
LOGM Aug 45 Calls451.0540.23232.6
AWAY Aug 37 Calls370.8532.65232.6
ESI Aug 17 Calls170.3814.85232.55
VHC Aug 20 Calls200.3514.59232.39
PVA Aug 17 Calls170.3515.12232.31
OLED Aug 34 Calls340.730.5232.29
YELP AugW2 78 Calls781.669.77162.29
INSM Aug 22.5 Calls22.50.417.6232.27
YELP Aug 80 Calls801.5569.77232.22
UBNT Aug 47 Calls470.940.58232.21
VXX Aug 31.5 Calls31.50.6127.98232.18

Short Put Ideas for July 24

SymbolStrikeBidStockDays% Return
Z Aug 132 Puts1325146.08233.42
TRLA Aug 48 Puts481.853.74233.34
Z Aug 131 Puts1314.4146.08233.01
SODA Aug 28.5 Puts28.50.9531.62233
P Aug 26 Puts260.8228.72232.85
Z Aug 130 Puts1304.1146.08232.8
Z AugW2 132 Puts1324146.08162.73
Z Aug 129 Puts1293.9146.08232.66
Z AugW2 131 Puts1313.7146.08162.53
MLNX Aug 34 Puts340.9537.52232.53
TRLA Aug 47 Puts471.3553.74232.51
Z Aug 128 Puts1283.6146.08232.46
P AugW2 26 Puts260.6928.72162.4
P Aug 25.5 Puts25.50.6928.72232.4
Z AugW2 130 Puts1303.5146.08162.39
SALE Aug 22.5 Puts22.50.625.38232.36
Z Aug 127 Puts1273.4146.08232.32
INVE Aug 10 Puts100.2511.13232.24
Z AugW2 129 Puts1293.2146.08162.19
Z Aug 126 Puts1263.2146.08232.19

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