Option Volume Spikes for September 15

SymbolStrikeVolumeOpen Int
QQQ Nov 105 Calls105737933456
DD SepW4 66.5 Calls66.5359021358
GTAT Dec 11 Puts11298861667
TWTR Oct 49 Calls49254982507
VLO Oct 47.5 Puts47.5180651071
YHOO SepW4 45 Calls45166182784
AA Jan15 19 Calls19158583813
YHOO SepW4 42 Puts42148031179
SPY OctW1 190 Puts190118571146
TSLA Sep 250 Puts250116943803
AA Jan15 21 Calls21107032465
VXX SepW4 27.5 Puts27.5103611505
OIH Jan15 46 Puts4610000784
VXX Dec 21 Puts21100001914
VLO Oct 52.5 Puts52.591962234
LYB Oct 110 Puts11091942836
RAD Sep 6.5 Puts6.58542767
VLO Oct 55 Puts557306712
FB OctW1 78 Calls7862461866
SPY OctW1 199.5 Calls199.553801659

Short Call Ideas for September 15

SymbolStrikeBidStockDays% Return
NQ OctW2 6.5 Calls6.50.315.78265.36
GWPH OctW2 96 Calls96285.59262.33
GWPH OctW2 97 Calls971.885.59262.1
GWPH OctW2 98 Calls981.7585.59262.04
P OctW2 29 Calls290.4825.92261.85
GWPH OctW2 99 Calls991.5585.59261.81
MU OctW2 33.5 Calls33.50.5130.01261.69
GWPH OctW2 100 Calls1001.4585.59261.69
ICPT OctW2 300 Calls3004.5268.05261.67
P OctW2 29.5 Calls29.50.425.92261.54
GWPH OctW1 96 Calls961.385.59191.51
ICPT OctW2 302.5 Calls302.54268.05261.49
MU OctW2 34 Calls340.4430.01261.46
GWPH OctW2 102 Calls1021.2585.59261.46
MU OctW1 33.5 Calls33.50.4330.01191.43
GWPH OctW2 101 Calls1011.285.59261.4
SUNE OctW2 22.5 Calls22.50.2820.15261.38
ICPT OctW2 305 Calls3053.5268.05261.3
GWPH OctW1 97 Calls971.185.59191.28
GWPH OctW2 103 Calls1031.185.59261.28

Short Put Ideas for September 15

SymbolStrikeBidStockDays% Return
BBRY OctW2 10 Puts100.2711.02262.45
YHOO OctW2 38.5 Puts38.50.9842.55262.3
BBRY OctW1 10 Puts100.2411.02192.17
YHOO OctW1 38.5 Puts38.50.8542.55191.99
YHOO OctW2 38 Puts380.8342.55261.95
YHOO SepW4 38.5 Puts38.50.7442.55121.73
BBRY SepW4 10 Puts100.1911.02121.72
YHOO OctW1 38 Puts380.7142.55191.66
RAX OctW2 34.5 Puts34.50.6539261.66
YHOO OctW2 37.5 Puts37.50.6942.55261.62
BBRY OctW2 9.5 Puts9.50.1611.02261.45
YHOO SepW4 38 Puts380.642.55121.41
ZU OctW2 32.5 Puts32.50.536.25261.37
YHOO OctW1 37.5 Puts37.50.5842.55191.36
YHOO OctW2 37 Puts370.5242.55261.22
FAS OctW2 96 Puts961.29105.71261.22
YHOO SepW4 37.5 Puts37.50.4842.55121.12
FAS OctW2 95.5 Puts95.51.19105.71261.12
FAS OctW2 95 Puts951.12105.71261.05
YHOO OctW1 37 Puts370.4442.55191.03

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