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November 18th, 2016 Option Expiration

I was very quiet this month too; I only put on 3 trades for the November expiration. It wasn't due to lack of opportunities, I just wasn't on the look out for them. I really should have put some trades on during the election but just didn't get around to it. So the ones I had I just let ride out.

DDD Long Put20-Sep-1627-Oct-1637-491987.8
JCP Long Call Spread23-Sep-1627-Oct-1634-471940.8
CNP Long Call26-Sep-1627-Oct-1631-1501790.8

$JCP: Long $9 & $11 Call Spread

JCP Chart at Option Expiration

PositionLong Call Spread
Trade Length34 Days

Start: 23rd September

jcp Chart for the 23rd September

Strong action in the $9 and $11 call options for the November expiration. Earnings out November 11th.

Now that I look at the chart since putting on the trade, the breakeven point of $25.50 looks a long way for the stock to move. I do have 6 weeks though.

Option Scanner Results for 22nd September

Option Scans for 22nd September

Option Chain for 22nd September

Option Prices for 22nd September

$DDD Long $15 Put

DDD Chart at Option Expiration

PositionLong Put
Trade Length37 Days

Trade Start: 20th September

ddd Chart for the 20th September

$DDD release earnings 2nd November. The puts for the 18th Nov expiration are showing increasing volumes. Volatility is reasonably high at around 50%, however, it is on the low side of its' average. The puts were therefore expensive for options 2 months out so I only bought 1 contract.

Option Scanner Results for 19th September

Option Scans for 19th September

Option Chain for 19th September

Option Prices for 19th September

$CNP: Long $25 Calls

CNP Chart at Option Expiration

PositionLong Call
Trade Length31 Days

Trade Start: 26th September

cnp Chart for the 26th September

Very significant volume and open interest for the $25 calls ahead of CNP's earnings on November 3rd.

Option Scanner Results for 23rd September

Option Scans for 23rd September

Option Chain for 23rd September

Option Prices for 23rd September

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