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Option Charm
Option Delta. How to understand and apply it to your trading
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Option Greeks
Option Rho
Theta is the Greek value describes the value decay of an option contract.
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Currency Options
Options and Delta Hedging
Index Options: Advantages in Trading Index Options
Learn Option Trading
Option Style - European or American
Option Types - Call Options and Put Options
Option Value
Payoff Charts
Learn Put Call Parity and apply it to your option trading
Stock Options - Employee Options and Stock Ownership
Time Decay - Using Options to Profit from the Passage of Time
Volatility Index Options
Volatility Trading - Using Excel to Calculate Stock Volatility
Weekly Options (aka Weeklys)
What are Options?
Where are Options Traded?
Who are the players in the option markets?
Why Trade Options?


A Shortcut Option Pricing Method
Binomial Model and it's Application to American Style Option Contracts
Black Scholes Model: Calculator, Formula, VBA Code and More...
Black Scholes Option Calculator
Learn the Fundamentals of Option Valuation
Do you see #NAME? in the cells when running the Workbook?


Unusual Option Volume Predicts Major Move in HRB Stock
Massive Call Option Action Before Earnings Surprise
CEO Fired! Did Suspicious Trading in Puts Predict this?
Option Scanner Platinum Trading Software
How to use Option Scanner Pro
VolCone Analyzer Software


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Call Backspread
Call Bear Spread
Call Bull Spread
Call Ratio Vertical Spread
Call Time Spread
Collar Option Strategy
Covered Call - aka Buywrite Strategy
Option Trading Strategies
The Iron Condor Option Strategy
Long Call Butterfly
Long Call Option
Long Condor
Long Guts
Long Put Butterfly
Long Put Option
Long Straddle
Long Strangle
Long Synthetic
Protective Put
Put Backspread
Put Bear Spread
Put Bull Spread
Put Ratio Vertical Spread
Put Time Spread
Short Call Butterfly
Short Call Option
Short Condor
Short Guts
Short Put Butterfly
Short Put Option
Short Straddle
Short Strangle
Short Synthetic


Trade Log - Long Call Spread NTAP
Short Put Trade on Best Buy Co. (BBY)
Earnings Play on Ford Motor Group
Bear Put Spread Trade on AVP
Live Option Trade: Short Condor on Coach (COH)
Live Option Trade: Short Put on AOL
Live Buy Write Trading Example - GRPN
Live Double Calendar Option Spread - CRUS
Short Condor Trade on SPY
Double Calendar Spread MX
Short Put Trade on WTW Before Earnings
Double Calendar Option Spread on JCP
Short Butterfly Trade on KYTH
TASR - Short Condor Option Trade
Earnings Play on BlackBerry - Long Butterfly
Duplicate Page - Redirecting
Long Put Spead on Peabody Energy (BTU)
Micron Tech (MU) - Long Put Spread
Short Call Credit Spread (RAD)
Live Trade: Coach (COH) Short Iron Condor
Live Option Trade: Iron Butterfly
Live Option Trade: Short Call Spread
How to minimize the losses of a Short Put gone bad
Earnings Play on First Solar - Short Iron Condor
Short Earnings Play on Target Stock (TGT)
Bearish on Price and Bullish on Vol - Put Bear Spread
Two Day Trade: Short Iron Condor on SPY ETF
All long positions in new stocks this week
Closed out $221.80 in Gains from April 15th Option Expiration
May Option Expiration Trades
4 out of 5 Losing Trades for this Expiration
Slight Profit of $47 for this expiration
Option Expiration Summary - $1.470 in gains, thanks to $BID
$1,084 in Profits from September Options
Only one winner; BAC. 3 losers. Total loss -$385
3 from 3 Losses for November Expiration
Option Trading Tutorials
Option Trading Tutorial - Long Straddle
Option Trading Tutorial 2 - Time Spread on US Dollar Futures
Option Trading Tutorial - Call Backspread
Option Trading Tutorial 4 - Time Spread on US 30 Year Treasury Bond Futures
Option Trading Tutorial - Put Backspread Part 2
Option Trading Tutorial - Put Backspread Part 3
Option Trading Tutorial - Put Backspread Part 4
Option Trading Tutorial - Put Backspread
Option Trading Tutorial - Call Backspread
Option Trading Tutorial - Call Backspread - Page 2
Option Trading Tutorial - Call Backspread - Page 3
Call Spread - Home Depot
Call Spread - Home Depot
Put Backspread - Anheuser-Busch
Put Backspread - Part 2
NIFTY Index Option Trade: Iron Condor


Can US Citizens Trade Option Contracts on Destinations Outside the US?
Insider Trading: US Regulator (SEC) takes aim at traders after Heinz buyout